Ryan Kadri

Software Developer

About Me

I like finding creative solutions to unusual problems. My ideal job would allow me to develop easy-to-use software that has a positive impact on others. I love web development. I am excited about new browser capabilities, upcoming ECMAScript proposals, and TypeScript.

  1. Capital One Full Stack Developer
    • Implemented a frontend redesign for a Knowledge Management app
    • Migrated backend services from Clojure to TypeScript and onto a CICD platform
  2. XSRT (Open Source) Project Maintainer
    • Designed and built a session recording tool for web applications
    • Worked with React, Typescript, and Webpack to build a fast, modern frontend
    • Used MongoDB, Express, and Docker to build a scalable, flexible backend
  3. SEI Investments Platform Developer / Platform Tech Lead
    • Provided technical designs for Java Spring and PL/SQL projects (among others)
    • Used Angular, Tomcat, and MySQL to develop tools for improving testing efficiency
    • Acted as a Tech Lead while the Test Automation team grew from 3 to 28 developers
  1. Rutgers University Computer Engineering / Computer Science
    • Received the Rutgers Presidential Scholarship
    • Minors in Math and Physics
    GPA: 3.92
  • SEI Test Automation Orchestrator

    A test runner and workflow management tool for end-to-end automated tests at SEI. Managed thousands of tests over SEI's entire product line

  • SEI Angular Component Documentation Tool

    A static-analysis tool for creating documentation from Angular projects

  • This resume

    Built from scratch, with love

    Link: github.com/ryankadri/simple-resume-builder